Vi har pratet med..Lura Bulls!

Sesongen 2017 er rundt hjørnet og vi har som tidligere år sendt ut noen spørsmål til de forskjellige lagene. Siste laget ut i denne omgang er Lura Bulls og deres Hovedtrener Alexander Durazo. Han svarer oss på engelsk, og svarene finner du her!

Do you have some exciting new players transferred or coming up from your own junior program?

We have had a pretty good Off-Season in regards to our Junior program. I believe 9 or so of our U19 players will be playing with the Seniors this spring.  They’ve all shown tremendous improvement and will be competing for a starting job in practice.


Objectives for the team this season?

Our objective as a Team on all levels is simple: Go 1-0 each week. For us, this means focusing on the task at hand and doing all the little things right that culminate in a great Football player.  We want to be competitive in all realms and hold the standard of “Elite Competitor” as the title of our division suggests.


And thoughts on your opponents this upcoming season?

I look forward to the expanded league this year.  All teams look solid and ready to go after the NM which will make for some exciting games this year. Each opponent looks like they have great coaching and both a desire and passion to play football.  Definitely the most exciting the Elite Series has been in years.


Where are you in your preparation for the 2017 season?

Our Senior and U17 have just gotten back on the field these past two weeks and have hit the ground running.  We are also in the last phase of our weight room training before we do max testing in two weeks.


Are you bringing in an import player?

Yes, we will be bringing in a QB import this year.  We just signed a gentlemen out of the NAIA and he will be arriving in Stavanger in a few weeks.


What are your plans for the rest of the pre-season. Training camps, scrimmages?

We have a few camps coming up in the coming weeks, two of them inter-squad and one with the Haugesund Hurricanes in March.  We will also be scrimmaging with both Haugesund Hurricanes and the Kristiansand Gladiators March 26th.  We are working on a Pre-Season game as well for April 1st and will take a break for Easter before getting ready to take on the defending champs April 30th.



NB! Lura Bulls er det siste seniorlaget som har svart oss i denne omgang, vi håper at vi skal komme tilbake med flere seniorlag etter hvert som det nærmer seg sesong. Savner du laget ditt ? Sjekk gjerne med din egen klubb slik at dere også blir representert.

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